Infrared spectroscopy thesis

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Infrared spectroscopy is the study of the interaction of infrared light with matter. The fundamental measurement obtained in infrared spectroscopy is an infrared spectrum, which is a plot of measured infrared intensity versus wavelength or frequency of light. In infrared spectroscopy, units called wavenumbers are normally used to denote different types of light. The frequency, wavelength, and wavenumber are related to each other via the following equation 1 :. These equations show that light waves may be described by their frequency, wavelength or wavenumber. Here, we typically refer to light waves by their wavenumber, however it will be more convenient to refer to a light wave's frequency or wavelength.

Infrared spectroscopy

"High-Pressure Studies of Flexible Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their P" by Boqing Li

Background Measurement of the concentrations of blood analytes presently requires withdrawal of one of more blood samples and a measurement process which often involves sample handling, such as serum extraction, addition of various reagents and a delay in the diagnosis process. Withdrawal of blood exposes personnel to biohazards and causes inconvenience and pain to the patient. A non invasive measurement would revolutionize medical diagnosis by providing analytes concentrations quickly, painlessly and without the use of reagents. A non-invasive measurement would be particularly beneficial where the results are needed quickly or where measurements must be taken frequently. An obvious example of this is the measurement of glucose concentration. Millions of people with diabetes must measure their glucose level multiple times per day to maintain their glucose level within prescribed limits so as to reduce the serious long term consequences of this disease. Non-invasive measurement of glucose is a goal of many institutions.

Infrared: Interpretation

Infrared absorption spectroscopy is a highly sensitive technique for probing molecular structure, and when combined with cold molecular beam methods it provides unparalleled spectral resolution and absorption sensitivity to transitions in isolated gas-phase molecules. The first part of this dissertation investigates molecular beams of large polyatomic molecules produced via laser ablation of solid targets inside a buffer-gas cooling cell. Using matrix isolation spectroscopy to study the ablation products of graphite, we observe carbon clusters C 3 to C 12 produced at a rate of approximately 10 11 12 molecules for every pulse of the ablation laser. In a similar fashion, we study the production of metal oxide molecules with a buffer-gas beam source by ablating pure metal in the presence of O 2 gas, and find consistent production of the WO molecule.
The determination of coal structure is an obdurate problem. Coal is heterogeneous, noncrystalline, and not completely soluble in any known solvent, making spectroscopic analysis of coal especially difficult. Using infrared spectroscopy, information can be gained most readily about hydroxyl, aliphatic C-H, and aromatic C-H groups. The availability of Fourier Transform infrared Spectroscopy FT-IR has allowed such information to be obtained faster and more precisely than with earlier vintage dispersive instruments.

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