Latin American Sustainable Beef Vision Summit | São Paulo, Brazil

The three-day event were hosted by McDonald's Hamburger University addressed priorities for sustainable beef production in Latin America, including:

• Issues related to the social, economic and environmental well-being of Latin America, incorporating topics like greenhouse gas, animal welfare, antibiotic use, and deforestation.

• Challenges impacting jurisdictional approaches, traceability, capacity building, and investments for sustainable beef.

• Global export market and local consumption trends and opportunities.

• Core messages the Latin American beef sector can present at COP 25.

• Unlearning defensiveness in beef sustainability communication. Sustainable livestock stakeholders including national roundtables for sustainable beef from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, and Mexico and key representatives from the sustainable livestock stakeholder sector will share lessons learned and build consensus on the key messages and priorities that will guide the Latin American beef sector into 2020 and beyond.