Literature review of attrition rate

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Added: 22.05.2021
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Because your attrition rate may be reflecting a deeper problem within your organization and company culture click here for our full guide to corporate culture. Employee attrition is a serious matter. In fact, a high attrition rate means something in your company probably needs to change. At the heart of your attrition rate, is the culture your company is setting and promoting. Click here to download our free guide to corporate culture.


Employee Attrition: Exploratory Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling using R – Part 1 | deedata

Employee attrition is costly. Because of this, it has become increasingly popular to use data analysis methods and technology to understand and manage employee attrition. In Part 1, we will perform some exploratory data analysis using R Studio. In Part 3 , we will try out some classification systems, predictive models and algorithms such as random forest and decision tree.

LITERATURE REVIEW: Theories on Student Attrition

Objective: To investigate the current rate of attrition in general surgery residency, assess the risk factors, and identify prevention strategies. The calculated attrition rate and the statistically significant influencing factors were the main measures and outcomes. Selection: All English language articles that described attrition from a general surgery residency were included. Articles that performed an assessment of attrition rates, academic performance, reasons for resident loss, and demographics were identified and data from these studies were collected. Random-effect meta-analysis and meta-regression based on a generalized mixed-effects model was performed.
Background: Attrition or losses from the health workforce exacerbate critical shortages of health workers and can be a barrier to countries reaching their universal health coverage and equity goals. Despite the importance of accurate estimates of the attrition rate and in particular the voluntary attrition rate to conduct effective workforce planning, there is a dearth of an agreed definition, information and studies on this topic. Methods: We conducted a rapid review of studies published since on attrition rates of health workers from the workforce in different regions and settings; studies were identified, of which 51 were included in the study. In addition, we analysed data from the State of the World's Midwifery SoWMy survey and associated regional survey for the Arab states on the annual voluntary attrition rate for sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health workers mainly midwives, doctors and nurses in the 79 participating countries. Results: There is a diversity of definitions of attrition and barely any studies distinguish between total and voluntary attrition i.

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