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Many states have the minimum age requirement lower than eighteen. However, some states have raised the required age to eighteen. A permit allows new drivers to learn how to drive safely on their own. The time period one must drive with a permit depends on the state but, usually only a matter of months is required. If the permit is held responsible and no violations are obtained during this period, the driver is then eligible to take the exam to become a licensed driver. To fully understand this debate, it is important to describe both sides of the argument.

Driving Age Essay

Raising the Legal Driving Age - Term Paper

Not to mention that teens are twice as likely to crash at night than during the day. Having friends in the car only seems to make things worse For each teen in the car, the likelihood of a crash increases. Now there are steps and classes into making our young, inexperienced drivers better and better equipped for taking on. Some states have made the decision of lowering the drinking age to 18 and have realized that it is now backfiring. There has been an excessive increase in the amount of fatalities due to allowing 18 year olds to drink.

Essay On Raising The Driving Age

It has been a common thing for teenagers to learn how to drive at 15, and get their license at It is time for these accidents to stop. The driving age should be raised to 18 because there will be fewer accidents, and teenagers will have more time to develop their minds. Too many accidents are caused by teens, and many people die as a result.
How can anyone say that rising the driving age would be favorable to the general community? While it is true that the amount of car accidents involving teenagers is notably higher than the number involving the older portion of the population, that is still not a likely reason for declining fifteen and sixteen year olds the right to drive. There would be so many disadvantages to raising the legal driving age by even two more years.

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